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Love: To inexorably adhere to the great maxim, and Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do to you”, through which all other agendas can be integrally established.


Openness: To be open to new perspectives and new ideas which symbiotically allow us to venture into far greater horizons and terrains, connecting us with a diversity which only serves to make the ecosystem of our enterprise flourish and thrive all the more bountifully, whilst simultaneously serving others.


Optimism: To create a space for buoyancy and joy, where living souls get to be ‘in full life’ and experience the totality of optimisation.


Authenticity: To always share ourselves organically, from the source, as authors and originators of our own thoughts and feelings, values and vision.

At M.D.Spooner, Inc. we promise to adhere to the principles of love, openness, optimism and authenticity knowing that a house built without foundations is ‘no house at all’. We wholeheartedly possess a desire for equanimity and harmony and are convinced that our values are the very constitution by which such can be realised.

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